Sustainable Design​ For Modern Living

Sustainable Design​ For Modern Living

Embrace Sustainable Products for Your Next Project

“For years, we have been at the forefront of sustainable construction innovation. Today, our dedication lies in spearheading the path to a sustainable future for construction and design. Together, we forge a greener and more sustainable tomorrow.” – Mtamu Kililo, CEO of MycoTile

Use Cases

Whether retrofitting informal settlements or providing natural insulation for offices, MycoTile’s products cater to diverse construction needs. With an emphasis on health benefits and toxin-free environments, our solutions are a testament to sustainable innovation.

Residential Insulation

MycoTile’s wall and roof insulation panels offer a sustainable solution to improve energy efficiency in homes, particularly in informal settlements. By regulating indoor temperatures effectively, these panels enhance living comfort while reducing energy costs.

Commercial Construction

Ideal for office buildings and commercial spaces, MycoTile’s suspended ceiling panels and construction blocks provide superior acoustic performance and fire resistance, contributing to safer, quieter, and more sustainable work environments.


Eco-Friendly Furniture

Expanding the product range, MycoTile’s innovative use of mycelium also extends to furniture manufacturing, offering durable, biodegradable options for eco-conscious consumers and businesses aiming to minimize their environmental footprint.

Agricultural Waste Utilization

By sourcing waste materials like maize cobs and coffee husks from local farmers, MycoTile products promote a circular economy, transforming waste into valuable construction materials and providing additional income streams for the agricultural community.

Manufactured for superior performance

Fire Retardant

MycoTile products incorporate natural chitin, enhancing their fire resistance, ensuring safety and compliance with building standards,

Superior Acoustic Performance

Designed to absorb sound, MycoTile's ceiling panels and insulation materials offer exceptional acoustic properties, reducing noise pollution and enhancing indoor comfort.

Strength and Durability

Despite their natural composition, MycoTile materials exhibit industrial-level strength and durability, suitable for robust construction needs without compromising environmental values.

Eco-Friendly and Sustainable

Utilizing agricultural waste bonded with mycelium, MycoTile products are biodegradable and carbon-negative, contributing to a greener planet and sustainable construction practices.

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